Half a story is not enough of a story.

It’s unfair on the listeners, readers or viewers. A one-sided story is not enough for people to be able to decide where they stand or what their response should be. It paints a picture coloured from only one person’s viewpoint. It is true as they saw it and in the telling of it but it’s not necessarily got the right depth, the narrative may be somewhat thin, it needs another angle.

It needs the other half of the story.

We like half, especially when the half we tell is the half that makes us look better and therein lies the danger. Better to not tell a story at all if we are not willing to be completely honest in the telling. The greatest story tellers are the ones who don’t just cover their backs but who can be open and vulnerable too.

Recently, there have been a number of occasions where I have read with interest as people recount an experience or certain circumstances to which, while I read, I am thinking of the parts that have been omitted. Then reading comments from others  that are a response based on a story that isn’t the whole story, is just frustrating.

If we are going to be tellers of a story then lets tell it all.

Honest, open and transparent. The part where we got hurt. Blame others if we want but lets also include the part where we hurt ourselves. We may have been right and they were wrong. Sometimes though, they were right and we were wrong. Lets paint the right picture so that those invited to comment can do so based on all the information.

If I only want to tell the half of a story that is best for me then here is my advice – don’t tell the story at all.

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