To be a follower of Jesus is to be more than a casual acquaintance. It is to give Him his rightful place of honour and pre-eminence. He [God] is to be first, above all else.

Jesus may call us friends. We should call Him, Master.

I am a child of God. Yet I am also a slave to Jesus.

It’s such a peculiar truth. It seems almost wrong to say it. Slavery is wrong. However, with Jesus as my Master I am bound to Him, however I experience unrivalled freedom. I live within His boundaries and enjoy a life kept within the pleasant places He leads me to. All that I need I can receive from Him.

And so I am challenged, convicted maybe and brought to a place of surrendered devotion.

Not devotion through obligation or arm-twisting but through surrender. I lift my arms to Jesus and give myself away to Him, I surrender. I can’t explain it, I just know its the right thing to do.

To not surrender seems uncomfortable and awkward. To not give Him first place, to not seat Him on the throne of my life is making me the master of my life and destiny. Surely in doing that, I reject Jesus and live only on what I know is best and what I have control of. That life will always be limited.

Words are difficult to find that can express this fresh revelation of Jesus. I pray that all would experience it and willingly abdicate control of their life and place it in the hands of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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