Such incredibly reassuring words that should bring us comfort and confidence to live the kind of life that would put a smile on Gods face. Instead there is a danger that the words have become too familiar that they have lost their power.

His presence with us so we do not need to be afraid.

His presence with us to help navigate through life. 

His presence with us from which we can draw all the strength that we need. 

His presence with us even when we don’t see it so obviously. 

Knowing He is with us can help us to consciously and consistently be the same person whatever the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Knowing He is with us can help us to trust that He has everything under His control.

Knowing He is with us can help us to always promote God and never ourselves.

We may know the words ‘The Lord is with us’ but the challenge is that we actually live like we believe it to be true. Every day. Always. In all things. That kind of truth brings the kind of freedom that I think Jesus wants us all to experience.

Here’s to living that kind of life.

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