It’s easy to read the Bible sometimes and never identify ourselves within what we are reading. We can become so familiar with what we read that it just becomes a story and not a moment to hear from God.

The Israelites were miraculously delivered from Egypt, they even see God part the sea so that they can walk right through. (You can read the story in Exodus).

Yet only a few verses on we hear them complaining. Why Lord? We would have been better staying where we were. Moaning and groaning about the new place they now find themselves in. All this despite provision on the journey, amazing miracles and the presence of God too.

Perhaps it’s difficult to admit but we suffer from the same attitude at times.

We have been rescued. If we look back on our journey we can see how God has done some incredible things in our lives. Provision. Blessing. The old has definitely gone and the new has come. The Holy Spirit is active in our lives and we have experienced a sense of Gods presence too.

Yet we complain, we moan, we carry frustration with God. Why Lord? We can groan at how tough things are and miss the fact that even though it may not look like we think it should look, we are blessed.

It’s easy done. If I’m honest, I do it all the time. Almost within the same breath I can say ‘Thank you Lord’ and then ‘Where are you Lord?’ I am mindful to take care in how I live with God. After all, God is not there to make my life perfect, in the way I view perfect, but instead He is there to make my life right. Right doesn’t mean easy or comfortable, it means how God wants it to be, how He chooses to reroute my life or reshape me along the way. The two may not necessarily be the same.

I pray that I don’t forget. All that God has done for me especially when it seems like God is doing anything or the journey is heading in a direction I would agree with. I pray that I won’t forget that despite my best attempts, God knows best. My responsibility is to trust Him.

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