It might be late on a Saturday night but after a busy day I am ready.

Ready for Sunday. Ready for getting to God’s House. Ready to gather with other believers. Ready to worship. Ready to receive all that God has for me. Ready to respond to God and to build others too.

I know that some may think I’m making too much of big deal about Sunday. Maybe it even smacks a little of religion but I promise you that’s not my intention.

I just have a desire for more of God. I know I can encounter God at home but I can also encounter God in His House. When we come together as a family of believers something happens. Where two or three are gathered in My Name (Jesus) I will be with them.

With a heart that wants to see as many as want to get the most out of their relationship with God and grow in their knowledge of Him, my encouragement is simple ~ let’s position ourselves in preparation to receive. Let’s get to our local church.

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