I don’t know what your opinion is but I need God encounters. Living life from a ME based perspective has it limits. Living from the point of view ‘I know best’ could be considered a little arrogant, especially if I call myself a Christian. A better view as a believer is to live life more from a ‘God knows best’ standpoint.

Such change happens when we desire and experience God encounters. Imagine that the creator of the world is always ready and waiting to meet with us.

God encounters change me. My vision, my habits, my decisions, the way I hear Gods voice, my attitude and so much more.

God encounters prepare me. Through my every day life God can reveal Himself and be at work changing me. Gods presence is preparing me for moments I don’t even know about.

God encounters should be desired. To want an encounter with God is a prerequisite for having one. If you’re not bothered then whats the problem with never hearing from God. We cannot make them happen but we can be available to God. Ready with an open heart – to participate when we gather, to receive, to respond.

When God is looking to do something He looks for people who come before Him in prayer, with a willingness to allow Him to lay His heart over theirs. He is looking for those who will not let the moment go by.

Are we ready? Or better still, get ready. God is on the move and looking for those who want to encounter Him. Don’t know about you….but I’m in and I’m ready!

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