David displays a heart of prayer. Something that I would do well to learn for myself. Yesterday I commented that I need God encounters. Today I would say that I also need to be coming before God in prayer. Always.

Not just with my wish list. Instead with an understanding of who I am in relation to who God is and how knowing Him can benefit me. Let my heart cry in the same way Davids did.

Don’t be angry with me.
Don’t discipline me.
Be gracious to me.
Heal me.
Deliver me.
Save me.
Hear me.

Answer so that Your name is glorified. [Psalm 6]

How wonderful to know that God is attentive to our cry and accepts our prayers. More than that, we can gain confidence that we cannot find in anything or anyone else. So lets pray for more than just for God to bless us, more than just a nice day or for the sun to shine. Lets lift out faith as we stand in awe of our God, for healing, for a widening of our view to pray for the world in which live, for salvation, for miracles, for Gods name to be glorified as we stretch our faith and believe for the impossible.

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