I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart [Psalm 9:1a]

I can give my heart to many things.

To give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart is a choice I must make every day. He had my whole heart yesterday but today as new concerns and interests consume the day so I much choose again to give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart.

The Psalmist instructs us as to how we can do this.
We should recount all His wonderful deeds.
We should be glad and exult Him.

We should sing praise to Him.

The Psalmist also instructs as to why we should do this.
He has maintained our cause.
He is enthroned forever.
He has established justice.
He is a stronghold when we need Him.
He does not forsake us when we seek Him.
He does not forget our cry when afflicted.

He has made Himself known to us.

Deciding to give thanks to God with my whole is my own choice though. Nobody can make me do this, I have to want to and then I actually have to.

Lets make room for God today. In the midst of a day filled with so many important things, giving our whole heart to God is a determined choice. Such a great choice to be encouraged in, as when we make room for God in our hearts He will fill it.

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