Among the many things I have learned on my leadership journey this particular ability is an ongoing area for improvement. Sometimes you get it right, others times, not so much. Tell me what you think after reading this.

It is tough being in charge. Making things happen. Getting others to make things happen. It can bring you great joy but it can also bring you great frustration too. The challenge is to not become impatient for the wrong things, only for the right things.

Being impatient can be good BUT it can cause us to react badly, to become excessively brash, to assert our authority inappropriately, to make rash decisions, to upset the team, to be overly nit-picky, to miss out on what is being done well, or just not explain ourselves clearly enough. Impatience for the wrong things can cause us to become passionate about things that in reality don’t really matter.

Patience maybe a virtue but I do think a good leader can be impatient about some things too…

  • Wanting the best for people and to see them flourish.
  • Rooting out bad practices that hinder the right results.
  • Getting rid of gossip, slander and all wrong kinds of negativity.
  • Helping people remember the why and inspiring them about the future.
  • To not being stuck but making progress with the vision.
  • That we are not seeing the right kind of change in people’s lives, we are not making a difference in our community, we are not fulfilling the call of God on our lives.

This is why I think leadership is an art. Getting that balance right can be tricky. People don’t like it when we become impatient about the wrong things or even about the right things but in the wrong way. Yet they will follow us wholeheartedly if we are impatient for the right things and in the right way too.

Your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Leaders: Be Impatient for the Right Things

  1. This is very challenging, thank you. I guess the other issue is keeping people with you while maintaining and continuing to strive for the view ahead, that maybe isn’t as clear to others as it is to us. I know my impatience can alienate and baffle others, who are more content with the status quo than I am. I pray that God gives those of us in leadership, and with a tendency towards impatience, the grace to love people as He does, unconditionally however fast or slowly they move forward.

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