Everyone utters lies to his neighbour; with flattering lips and a double heart they speak [Psalm 12:2]

We could argue that nothing much has changed. David was writing about his surroundings and how people were behaving, we could easily do the same.

People don’t look to God or believe in Him. Instead they believe in themselves and look to work out their own solutions to the issues of life.

People build themselves up. People pride themselves on being independent, capable and self-sufficient. Who needs a God that in their view might not even exist anyway.

People want to be masters of their own destiny. Their future in their hands. They certainly don’t think they need a God to help or lead them through the circumstances of life.

People unfortunately do lie to one another, they do flatter themselves and they don’t always say what they mean.

Here’s the shame, many Christians live this way too.

We don’t talk any differently to everyone else and say things like, ‘I’ve tried God but I think I can do better’. ‘I’ve prayed and nothing has happened so I’ll sort it out myself’.  ‘I feel better when I am in control of things’. I lie, I flatter and I don’t always say what I mean, I so times have two hearts on issues.

We must not go the way that people may go. Yes, have an awareness of how people behave but don’t follow that behaviour. To go with what people think is to move away from what God thinks and is to move away from the benefits of knowing God.

Instead call on God.

Remember that He stays true to His word. He will be a guard for those who ask Him and be their protection from the world around them too.

Your thoughts?

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