Choosing God is not always easy.

We can know that it’s the right thing to do but maybe when we begin to think about the consequences of that choice we can be tempted to back off from actually following through.

Don’t give up on that first decision. Loyalty to God will always bring reward from God. He loves  it when we put Him first. When we acknowledge Him and set His way above all others, I think we put a smile on Gods face. I have this thought that we put ourselves into the position for a ‘now God’ moment.

When Daniel said no to eating what had been presented to idols and honoured God with this loyal to God choice, He placed himself in the place for a ‘now God’ moment. You can read about it Daniel chapter 1.

Now God had caused the official to show favour and sympathy to Daniel [Dan 1:9]

At the time it can seem impossible. Our thinking gets challenged. How can we choose God? We can’t see the good in this. What if it doesn’t work out? Yet, in our heart we know that going with God is right.

So be encouraged and go for it. Lets be people who put themselves in the place where God has to move, to cause the favour of God to be presented in the situations and circumstances around us. It will be an adventure. It will probably be a little bit scary. It will definitely mean holding on to your faith in God and putting your trust in Him.

Above all though, I believe the other side of the decision to stay loyal to God will be such a great place to get to. Just look at Daniel. He was seen as 10 x better than everyone else. God gave him wisdom to solve enigmas and riddles. He was saved from the lion’s den. Gods favour was all over him and I would be happy for some of that.

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