Just stop whatever you are doing at meditate on this. I mean it, just put everything down and pause for a few moments. Amidst the good and the bad of your life direct your thoughts towards this sentence and stay there for a while.

He (God) has dealt bountifully with me.

He (God) has dealt bountifully with you.

He has been liberal in bestowing me with gifts.
He has been liberal in His favour towards me.
He has been generous in all things for me.

He has been abundant in His dealings with me.

The challenge comes when I only look at things from my perspective and forget to look at things from Gods. It is at these times when I can get caught up in how I feel, by what I don’t have what I want, thinking nothing is changing, that  I need more of something, that God is just not paying attention to all that’s going on around me.

Instead I must lift my head upwards. I have to choose to look at all that God has done. For all His goodness that is demonstrated in so many small ways. To see how inspire of me, God loves me. That He HAS dealt bountifully with me.

That puts a smile on my face. How about you?

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