Have you given God a thought today?
Have you stopped to remember Him?
Have you taken time out to pray?

Have you managed to praise Him at all?

Is to not do these things, whether by choice or just through forgetting, to be like those who say there is no God?

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” [Psalm 14:1]

Well, but, I know there is a God. I love my God. I just haven’t had chance today. He understands I’m busy. Life is full. I can’t always be giving time to these things.

To not acknowledge God is to make room for things that are not of God.

To not acknowledge God is to not deny yourself and pick up your cross but to deny God and ignore the cross.

To not acknowledge God is foolish. Senseless. However you put it, it doesn’t sound great.

I don’t want to be religious about all this. The reminder to me is simple: if I say I love God and have chosen to follow Him then to acknowledge Him each day is the least I can do.

Let’s make room for God today. Deliberately. On purpose. Let something else go to get with our God. Always a good choice.

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