We need to treasure church as the gift that it is and be willing to play our part in making it great. Not for our own sakes but for the glory of God.

To treasure church is to understand the cost of the gift. The price paid by Jesus. How He identifies with His church, loves His church, is building His church and gave Himself for His church. What a privilege, what an opportunity, what a responsibility then as we get to be the hands and feet in being the church today.

Am I in? Absolutely. I’m in hook, line and sinker. I love the church and I love my church. I am engaged in all that God is wanting to do. I am all about helping to grow this thing and make church as great as it can possibly be.

Are you in? When I asked that question tonight I was encouraged to see so many hands being raised. Lets do this. Lets make an impact. Lets change the world. Lets be people who truly leave everything ‘on the pitch’ and have no regrets by not going for it on behalf of Jesus.

Don’t let anything stop you. Are you in? I hope so.

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