In the context of the ‘Are We In?’ thoughts recently, perhaps the reason we hesitate to give an answer to this question is that we love our comfort too much, we love our safe place. We have got used to how things are and even though it isn’t always a great place, it’s our place, we know it and it has become the norm.

The Christian faith is a paradox. Think about it. God is our refuge, He is our safe place, in Him we find refuge and rescue and peace. Yet that journey often involves trusting Him in ways we can find uncomfortable. It feels a little risky and we are unsure of the outcome as we have to relinquish control.

I have lived too many days with the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign hanging on the door, treating my life a bit like I treat a hotel. Enjoying ‘my time’ while the rest of the world passes me by. Meanwhile God is calling me to engage, to be ‘in’ with all that He is doing. To do that means ripping up the sign, getting up,  moving and doing something.

I have to not allow my desire for safe to override my desire to serve God. I am convinced that one will stop me from living out the other. I cannot play it safe and be someone who says they trust God. I cannot play it safe yet want to believe in faith for a move of God. After all, faith is about believing for those things that I cannot see yet. It’s about stepping out into the unknown because I know that is what God is asking me to do. In doing what seems uncomfortable though I will find the safety I crave in the fullness of God. That’s the paradox at work.

I think I have got too comfy recently. That’s why I am stuck in this thought of being ‘in’. It’s why everything I am reading is challenging me to go for broke for God. To fall into His arms and trust that He will catch me. To take that one step and then allow God to light up the rest of the path. To let go of my dreams and give God the chance to put His dreams in my hands.

How have I played it safe? Just existing. Just doing life. Nothing bad or horrendous. No ‘off the scale’ sin going on. Just meandering through life waiting for God to zap me when I think God is waiting for me to wake up to the fact He already has.

I don’t have the answers yet. I am praying and asking God. What do you want me to do? Where can I put my faith to the test? What does my statement of faith, of intent, need to be? I need a bit more adventure in my life and not just one that I could make up but living the one that God has for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and I ‘m not about to quit but even in that you can kind of getting to a rhythm and lose the edge that staying in faith and believing for something impossible can bring.

What about you? Where have you got stuck and need to make a step of faith again?

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