What is actually going on in my heart will always reveal itself. The same is true for every person.

We might say one thing but what’s going on in our hearts will ultimately drive our actions. It’s like saying no but then displaying a yes, telling others that we are not going there but then we there go anyway.

In this matter, people no longer surprise. The heart always rules.

So why not be honest, open and transparent. Why not just be clear. Not in an unkind or inappropriate way. First with yourself about what is going on in your heart, and then, if needed, with others. After all, actions will follow the heart eventually.

We will still love you, believe in you but most importantly of all, we will understand you better. It could just be the beginning of a whole new journey with God if we could only give up what’s going on in the heart. To empty the heart of the wrong and allow God to fill it with the right.

Don’t believe me, then look at what Jesus tells us. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Words spoken are driven by what is in the heart. Actions are prompted by what is in the heart. We may honestly think we can’t help it, however I think these two things will help…

1. We need to guard our heart, for out of it spring the issues of life

2. We need to allow our hearts to be filled with the fullness of God.

How do we do them? Maybe we don’t. We can’t strive to make them happen. The beautiful thing is that Jesus has made a way for these things to be possible. Jesus guarded his heart and wasn’t led by his emotions but instead went willingly to the cross, which brought about a great exchange, where we receive a new heart from which springs forth a new way of life.

Then, as we live out that new way of life through the power of the Holy Spirit, obedient to the words of Jesus, our hearts are filled with the fullness of God, just as Jesus spoke about telling us that He and His Father would make their home in our hearts. [John 14:23]

I am encouraged. I want Jesus and the Father in my heart. I want only good, graceful, life-giving words and actions to be prompted by what is going on in my heart. I am grateful that although I may not be able to do this in my own strength, I know that I can because of Christ who strengthens me.

What do you think about that?

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