We are heading to the end of another year with alarming speed. I must be getting old if I am complaining about how quickly time is passing. Having said that, this is the time of year for reflection and looking for lessons being learned…so here are mine…

I may not be a great leader but I am doing pretty well. I realise that may seem somewhat presumptuous on my part, and those I lead will have their own opinion. I am willing to admit the mistakes I have made.

As I lead I must make sure to help you understand me more. If you don’t ‘get’ me I can easily blame you but that would be wrong. I am responsible for how I come across, the words that I speak, the actions I take, how they impact others.

I have to be disciplined in getting out of the way so others can begin and continue to grow. We are not as clever as all of us. I am privileged to be doing what I am doing but I MUST make way for others. Just because I can doesn’t mean I should. Just because you are not doesn’t mean you can’t.

I must keep asking for and work hard to keep my permission to lead. It’s not always about what we achieve but how we achieve. Character, integrity, heart are things that people follow. To keep your permission I must guard against damaging or losing these.

I need to stay teachable, to keep my attitude for learning. For me that includes reading, listening and feedback, as well as most importantly having an awareness of what God is saying and doing.

What about you? What have you been learning about yourself in 2015.

2 thoughts on “5 Leadership Observations

  1. Sso agree with your points. Really relevant to leading Bethany Team. Good to look back on year and apply the points and see where I need to step up. So easy to slip into routine and think all is well. Will use the points at our next leaders meeting looking into 2016. Thank you.

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