Yesterday I said I wanted more WOW moments in 2016. Here’s another one for the next year.

Sounds obvious. Surely any good Christian should be saying that? Well, my experience would be that many do say it, yet if we are honest not many do it. Unless invited, I can only take responsibility for my walk with God.

This is not about a WOW moment, instead this is just one of those things that I have a desire to do but am easily distracted from and therefore don’t do. Yet having said that, understanding God’s word better, being more familiar with it, will probably  create more WOW moments .

Recently someone prayed for me and told me that everything I needed for knowing God in a deeper way was laid up for me, just like the food at a coffee shop in the fridge. To get at the food requires the lifting of the lid, reaching in and taking what you want. The same is true when it comes to Gods word. If I delve in, God won’t let me down in revealing Himself in greater ways.

Why wouldn’t I want that? 2016 is a year for learning, delving, digging deeper into the Word, not just for preaching preparation, but for every day.

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