Christmas can be a good reflective time. The end of one year and approaching a new one provides us with the opportunity to draw a line and start with a new sense of optimism and purpose.

As Christians, the need to be doing this is as great as it has ever been. It’s time to focus. To pay attention to what is going on ~ not just in our own world but also in the world of those we know and love, and around the world too. If we don’t then others will. In a world that many consider is getting darker, we have to be focused on being people of the light and bringers of that light every day.

Maybe we have become too flippant with our faith. Maybe we can take it or leave it far too easily. There will always be the challenges that life can bring but maybe this Christmas time we should be honest with ourselves and look at how we are treating our relationship with God.

  • Is it really the most important relationship in my life?
  • What have I allowed to become a distraction to that relationship?
  • Am I really giving it my best?

At Christmas let’s take time out to focus. Jesus came from heaven for us. He gave up all that glory and splendour to become a man, to live as a human, to give himself for us. His love for us, if we ponder on it, is totally overwhelming, difficult to comprehend, it is incredible.

He did this for what He saw in the future. For you and for me. His disciples. His followers. His church. His bride. And when I think about it like that, the way I approach my relationship with Jesus changes completely.

Perhaps it’s time to ask the question as to how the relationship we really want with Jesus should impact our lifestyle, our own relationships, our choices, our attitudes, and how we approach Church, His bride and all that he gave His life for.

Where are you this Christmas? How will you be making your relationship with Jesus the best in can be, in 2016?

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