My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me? Why are You so far from helping Me, And from the words of My groaning? [Psalm 22:1]

Doesn’t this verse demonstrate the frustrations we may have at times with God when we wonder where He is, we cry with a longing to see His hand move, we are desperate to have an awareness of His help in our lives?

I know that I have prayed that prayer. I know that I have spoken these types of words to God. I have been a Christian a long time and I know God is able. I have seen Him answer my prayers many times before in my life, yet, if I am brutally honest, my humanness can be difficult to ignore and those nagging questions reappear. Why? When? How?

In Psalm 22 David maybe speaking from his own circumstances but he is also prophesying about a future King. He is speaking about Jesus. Not a King who would overthrow with a great show of physical power, instead a King who would overcome by laying down His life. He would be a suffering Messiah. A Saviour who would unfold a victory of a different kind.

He would be poured out for us.
He would have his strength beaten from him.
He would be disrespected
He would be pierced for me and you.

That I would be like David, that although I have wondered where God is, I would be quick to acknowledge the hand of God and say these same simple words…You have answered Me [v21b]

What a victory to give praise for.
What a victory to give me confidence in God.
What a victory that overcomes for me.
What a victory to give me courage.
What a victory to tell others about.
What a victory to learn from.

What a victory that causes me to trust and no longer question.

Where is the victory in your life that would lead you to say, ‘God has answered me?

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