Here’s a list of things that should concern anyone who wants to be a leader. I might unpack them throughout 2016. They are not in any particular order at the moment.
  1. Knowing the ‘why’?
  2. Understanding success
  3. Learning from failure
  4. Getting out of your comfort zone
  5. Becoming magnificent & not being ordinary
  6. Advanced decision making
  7. Making great decisions
  8. Building the right reputation
  9. Learning to speak well
  10. Having respect
  11. Being truthful
  12. Communicating effectively
  13. Learn how to get your point across
  14. Difference between good and great
  15. Integrity
  16. Setting higher standards
  17. Changing things
  18. Increasing your capacity
  19. Lifting your game
  20. Understanding the relationship matrix
  21. Building the right relationships
  22. Being disciplined
  23. Investing in yourself
  24. Keeping the BIG picture in mind
  25. The power of a goal and doing them right
  26. Better time management
  27. Your attitude
  28. Having a spirit of excellence
  29. Using your initiative
  30. Having some determination
  31. Finishing well
  32. An eye on the detail
  33. Taking responsibility
  34. Taking risks
  35. Pioneering
  36. Listening well
  37. Knowing how to be assertive
  38. Confrontation
  39. Handling the criticism
  40. Knowing your purpose
  41. Developing others
  42. Always serving
  43. Adding Value
  44. Developing your ability to see
  45. Understanding the power of ability
  46. Building a team
  47. Dealing with the overwhelm
  48. Stopping the procrastination
  49. Mentoring and being mentored
  50. Always learning
I would love to hear from you.
Would you add anything else?
What do you think comes first?

3 thoughts on “50 Things That Every Leader Should Consider

  1. If it’s OK I will print the list off and share with Kathleen and Pauline this week as we meet as Bethany leaders to look at the year ahead. Great to have specific to focus on although not all at once!

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