I asked a question recently of a church leader that I respect greatly, ‘What can I do in my role to make sure that I am helping my Lead Pastor do his job the best that he can?’ 

The answer came like this. ‘Great question. Make it easy for him to lead, so that he only has to focus on the things that only he can do’.

My heart is to serve my Lead Pastor and be the best help to him possible. I don’t always get it right. Sometimes I don’t protect him enough, other times I’m sure some think I overstep. The key is to have some agreement between us – what are the things that only he can do. As one church leader once said to us ‘Why are you both at this meeting?’ And pointing to me said, ‘If he’s here, you (Lead Pastor) don’t need to be.’

I love my Lead Pastor. He is not only that, he is also my friend. We have known each other a long time. That can have it’s advantages in that I know him very well, how he works, what he needs to know. It can also be difficult too as familiarity could easily breed contempt.

My heart is to honour my Lead Pastor and to do this well I make sure to do my very best to not take the lead in the areas that I believe are the things that are his primary concern. It’s a short list but huge in its impact. There is a lot more in these 3 thoughts than you probably imagine, plus I’m sure others would place other things in here too.

Be the Primary Leader and Vision Caster. To have the time to pray and think about the future of our Church. To seek God and then to not stop talking about it.

Be the Principal Communicator of Gods Word. Bringing the Word for the Church. Out of the prayer and thinking time with God comes the revelatory preaching and ’those’ words from God moments.

Be a Developer of Others. We can all impact and influence others. Personally, I really enjoy the coaching and development of other leaders. Yet the Lead Pastor has a unique role to play in the spiritual and leadership development of others, along with empowering and releasing people into ministry opportunities.

There is a tension here, and I hope I am not speaking out of line. How far is too far? How far is not far enough? To become the Church the Lead Pastor sees means protecting him and his time. He doesn’t need to know some stuff and that’s not because he doesn’t care, it’s because others can handle it. That’s why I have the conversation or send the email sometimes and not him.

I hope this makes sense and you don’t mind the share. We are a team but ultimately I work for him. What he sees, what he wants, what the vision requires, that’s what creates my role and determines my priorities for each day. I believe that we all have a part to play in this, but rightly or wrongly, in my own position, I do see this as one of my own primary roles.

If you are part of a local church, why not take a moment to pray for your Lead Pastor and all that they have to carry on our behalf. Then send them a message of encouragement and let them know that you are with them and will do whatever is needed to help see the vision come to pass.

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