Examine me, O Lord, and prove me; try my mind and my heart [Psalm 26:2]

I was asked recently if I had ever asked God to offer a 360º review of me, of my life and the way I live it.

Perhaps this verse is that very invitation.

Sometimes I am quick to pray for others to change, or for circumstances to be fixed, yet maybe the one pray I should be praying is, Lord, if need be, change me. Do your 360º inventory of my life and then go about your work. Reshape me. Start with me.

Examine me.
Prove me.
Try my mind.

Test my heart.

It’s possibly one the most dangerous but most important prayers we can pray. The willingness to receive an answer requires complete surrender, for God will find something. An issue in the heart. An unforgiveness. A seam of bitterness. A hurt. A scar. Wrong thoughts. Ill-will towards another. Pride. That other things have my heart.

To ask God in, is to ask God to move, is to desire for God to recreate me.

Maybe today is one of those days. To get on my knees once more and ask God to examine, to prove, to try and to test. All because I want to be the best I can be for Him. That like David wrote in this Psalm I would know what it is to have been vindicated by my God, to have experienced His lovingkindness, that I am walking in His truth, and that my life would be a proclamation of His wondrous works to all who come into contact with me.

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