Leadership is a funny thing. I have learned many things during the past twenty-odd years in various leadership roles, some of which have been much simpler than others  to grasp but no less important. This would be one of them: leaders show up.

Think about it, in all different arenas of life, from politics, to business, to the local community, to the church and in sport, we look for the leaders. We celebrate those individuals who dare to make a decision, those who will lead, those who will grab the game by the scruff of its neck, those who instill some passion in others, or who bring clarity to proceedings. They remind us about the cause, that it is possible and show us how we can get there.

People are looking for a leader who will show up, and not just at the end when the plaudits are out. This kind of leader displays a characteristic often taken forgranted by those who ‘have made it’ and who begin to forget to show up.

Be the kind of leader who will show up, not just show off.

Show up to get stuff done.
Show up to work alongside your team.
Show up to say thanks to that team.
Show up in good times.
Show up in a crisis.
Show up all the time.
Show up when it’s convenient.
Show up when it’s inconvenient.
Show up when there is no one else to see you show up.
Show up and become credible.
Show up on time.
Show up and be the best leader you can possible be.

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