The other day I wrote how leaders show up. I would add to that today and say this,

Leaders step out. 

When Abraham began his journey with God he did not know where he was going. We maybe need a bit more of that in 2016. 

Life is not always neat and tidy. It’s not always possible to get all the ducks lined up. Maybe, to be the world changer we desire to be, there’s going to be some risk, some danger, some stepping out and some faith required. 

Leaders step out. 

They step out in faith. 

They step out when others won’t. 

They step out when everything isn’t sorted. 

They step out, start moving and trust that God will then do the same. 

They step out, go on the adventure and then have a story to tell. 

And we need some of these types of great leaders who live for God in 2016. I guess then, the biggest question is simply this ~ will we be that kind of leader? And in being this kind of a leader, what difference can we make?

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