Great leaders look for ways to keep on learning.

These last couple of days in Berlin with church leaders who do what I do has been really good for that.

Everyone has shared something on a variety of topics ~ time management, structure, honouring your Pastor, loyalty, what you have learned from difficult moments and so much more.

It’s been a sharing of ideas and thoughts, it’s not been a competition.

There has been a willingness to be honest and be able to chat about those things that challenge or frustrate.

It’s been about learning from others on the same journey, just in a different setting.

It has been really encouraging with lots of great conversations over coffee and food. It has reminded me of the importance of people being confident in their role, empowered to build the local church and how communicating this is essential.

Finally, it has reminded me of the privilege I have, to do what I do every day, to never settle but to keep on learning so I do it the best I possibly can.

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