Just sat in the airport waiting, enjoying a coffee before heading off to Bangalore. Excited for the adventure, if not a little nervous because it’s a new experience. 

But I’m ready for lift off. Not just in the literal sense, also in the spiritual sense. Surely the adventure with God is about making your life available to Him and then going along for the ride. 

My trust is in Him for the next 5 days as I step off a plane to be part of making history with my fantastic Xcel Church. 

Things I know I will experience this week…

New culture. 

New foods. Might even get to eat with my hands too. 

New people. 

New Xcel location. Moving things forward. 

Mission trip preparation. Getting stuff ready for the team coming out in August. 

More than all this, I get to hang out with Immy. To encourage him, help him and pray with him for the future of Xcel Bangalore.

Please play your part and pray for us as we travel, for favour, for protection and for no dodgy tummy. We will see you on Sunday with a whole bunch of stories to tell.

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