Chatting with Immy today over coffee and getting excited about the future for Xcel in Bangalore as work on laying out a plan for the next 6 months. 

As we talked we encouraged ourselves about how the word of God says that ‘a mans makes his plans but God ordains his steps’. 

That is why we are here and we will share the timeline with you in the future so you can continue to pray. In the meantime here’s what Immy would ask you to pray for:

Connections with Pastors & leaders in Bangalore. This is important to show other leaders that we are here to work alongside them for the good of the city and not just ourselves. 

Connections with people. Making friends, and meeting those in Bangalore who are looking for a church. 

Connections and conversations. Immy wants to meet with some local people to see how we can help practically within the community. 

A new Xcel Group. This will be starting in a local coffee shop in March and we want to see it grow. 

The right job. One which gives Immy some flexibility and some cash too. It’s also a great way to meet people. 

Favour. For Gods lead in all the things we do in Bangalore especially in preparation for the mission trip in August and the official launch of this location. 

These are exciting times but we recognise that as much as we make our own preparations, God playing His part is way more important. We work like it depends on us and pray like it depends on God. 

Thank you to the amazing Xcel family for being on the journey with us. Watch our video from today to hear more…

(I was a little distracted by people watching me and probably wondering what I was doing)

One thought on “Time to Get Praying

  1. God just loves small beginnings.
    No matter how small the seed is, if it is planted & nurtured well it will produce good and plentiful fruit.
    So Immie when storms come and you will get opposition, be expectant and know that you are well founded in XCEL and GOD’s church.

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