Our trip is coming to an end today. We are making our way to the airport via the massive Pheonix Shopping Mall. Thank you to Immy for looking after us so brilliantly and for our driver Stalin. I would not have wanted to be driving here.

I didn’t really know what to expect before I came so it’s difficult to comment. The extremes of wealthy and poverty are evident, especially as I sit in Mall with every designer label you could name. 

The traffic is insane. No one stops for anyone. Crossing a road here would be like walking across the A1. 

The weather for us has been beautiful, sun shine every day and 35°. Can’t wait to be back in Aycliffe and a lovely 5° (not). 

Shopping for furniture was fun, bartering for the best price. We got there in the end and bought Immy a bed and mattress. 

Thanks for praying for us and checking in with all our social media posts. Here’s to the future of Xcel Bangalore. Why not be a part of the mission trip in August and you can experience it all for yourself firsthand. 

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