After what felt like an endless plane journey and trying to sleep on the worlds most uncomfortable chairs at Dubai Airport ~ I am home. 

Big hugs from my beautiful family and the beginning of telling Bangalore stories has begun. 

More importantly I come home to Xcel Church and the best of families anywhere in the world. Love that we get to worship together, pray together, and believe in faith for great things together.

Home is good for my soul. I may be very tired in the natural but being in church is good for my spiritual energy, my soul and my relationship with God. 

Home is good for my heart. To keep it refreshed and connected with the one who is continual transforming my heart. 

Home never stays the same. There is always room for something new. We are on a journey as Xcel church. Nearly 50 years and we are believing that the best is yet to come across our 4 locations. Hope you are too. 

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