Who is this man with my children? So freshed faced and young looking. My girls so cute and loveable.

This picture from about 11 years makes me think…

Time flies. 
How easy it is to forget what you’ve done and where you’ve been. 
Nothing stays the same. 
I look old now. And have a beard!
My family are beautiful. 
They still are but just not that little anymore. Still cute though. 
What have I done with those 11 years?
What will I do with the next 11 years?

None of us are getting any younger. So making the most of every moment, living with purpose and for a cause bigger than yourself is so important. 

I am adamant that being involved in building local church and being in relationship with God has kept me young. Maybe not in the natural as we cannot stop that, but definitely young in spirit.

How has time flown for you? 

2 thoughts on “How Time Flies

  1. Sometimes when I am holding my granddaughter in my arms, I have to remind myself that I am now one generation removed from being the father with a toddler. Little Crystal reminds me so much of her mother at that age and time does go just that fast. Enjoy every special moment; big OR small!

  2. My eldest is 44 in two weeks. Three grandkids two of which are 12 and nearly 12. Next year a big birthday! Yes time flies. Plenty to remember but more important is doing something with the time left. I don’t think God retires or has retired people. So He always has a plan and purpose for me even now. I just have to make sure I listen and walk in that purpose. Even to grey hairs says the Word. Perhaps the best is yet to come.

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