Great first night for Influence 2016. We are off and running and expectant for some life changing moments. 


The message from Vicki Simpson was about recalibration to position you to embrace the future. 

Daniel 6:10 – tells of a gutsy move by Daniel to open the windows and pray facing Jerusalem that lay in ruins. 

We all have a Jerusalem? An area that is not how we want it to be? God wants to give us a key to reconcile the why / the unreconcilable. 

Here’s what we do, like Daniel…

Open the window


Give thanks in the face of your desolation

Daniel 6:28 follows by telling us that this Daniel prospered. The one taken from his family. The one who had suffered. Inspite of circumstances he prospered. 

Prosper = to advance, to accomplish, to have success, to cause to go on well. 

We have to be willing to give God permission to work on the unresolved ruins. He wants to bring blessing where we least expect it. Where and what is it for me?

Looking forward to day 2. 

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