Fantastic time at Influence 2016. So much to think about and digest. Definitely had a spiritual deposit from being in Gods house all day.

Tonight Mal spoke about being a pioneer. Here are my notes. So much said, I did my best…

Romans 15:20-21

  • Every great venture has begun with a pioneer. 
  • God is raising up a new pioneer generation – people who will create a path for them and for others to follow

1. Godly pioneers are divergent thinkers 

  • people tend to be satisfied by the easiest answer they can obtain – convenience
  • divergent thinking – are there opportunities that have never been done, things never explode before
  • they have a broad adjacent possible – take what’s around you to form new ideas
  • Learn by education
  • Learn through revelation
  • We need both
  • divergent thinking is important across all avenues of life 

2. Pioneers are big hearted people
Luke 7:19 – Great pioneers are not offended by who God uses next

3. Great Pioneers travel light
If you want the messages they will become available via our website very soon

What has been your highlight of the day?

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