Loved this session from Mal Fletcher, to stretch the mind and my thinking. 

The church is created for influence

Influence is not a product of how we manage the past and present but how we engage the future 

Social change does not happen immediately but incrementally 
To shape the future you must engage the present change
If we don’t shape the future, we will be shaped by it
Need a new ‘Theology’ of Thought – the importance of mind in Christian living

We have a 2-fold mandate

  • salvation – fishers of men
  • cultural – salt & light

Remember: Christ is the head of ‘ALL’ things 
Find the tune the world is humming 
Be willing to think about an answer and not just throw out a verse

About tech…questions to ask: 

  • How can we use it to honour God
  • Exercise stewardship?
  • Build relationships?
  • Fulfil responsibilities?

A new theology of grace
= to include the previously excluded

  • Truth is the measure of our exclusion
  • Truth is what keeps us aligned with truth
  • Need both grace & truth

Fascinating stuff and so thankful for people like Mal Fletcher who cause us to think differently about how we live out out Christianity

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