Thanks to Vicki Simpson for another great message and then a time of teaching about how to prophesy well. 

Here are my notes…

  • As we see in Matthew 25, He gave his goods to us. 
  • God never requires anything of you that He has not equipped you for
  • So, what do your goods look like? Whatever they are don’t underestimate them 
  • What is key to increasing influence of Xcel? By usIng what you have. Faithful in a few. 
  • Some of us are just not satisfied. We are not using our goods. We are just earthen vessels with treasure in. We just have to learn to step out in faith and use it.
  • 2 Corinthians 3:4-6 is a statement of insufficiency & inadequacy – but knows he is made sufficient by Christ
  • Just use the goods
  • To step out in faith, act like you have the sufficiency

Looking forward to the final session of the day with Mal Fletcher. Hope you will join us

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