What an incredible Sunday morning at Influence 2016. We packed a lot in. Check out the Xcel Church Facebook page for some photos. 

Mal Fletcher spoke a great word at just the right time for us at Xcel. Preparing and positioning us for the influence God wants and needs us to have in the future. 

Here my notes…

John 2:14-17

Events like 13/11 in France teach us that…

  • Civilisation is fragile
  • It’s important to engage the world
  • The emptiness of political correctness
  • You can’t legislate tolerance it starts in the heart

Gods moral laws are like walls – you don’t notice them until you walk into them
The Power of Passion:

  • Those in France had zeal without passion
  • We must meet people with a passion that at least matches the passion they have for their God/beliefs
  • Zeph 3:17 – God wants to spin around you under the influence of violent emotional
  • Passion is about controlled conviction, not just about emotion
  • Cast off the bland for the bold

How do I keep passion alive?
1. Maintain right priorities (Matt 6:33)

  • seek – almost to the exclusion of everything else
  • things – eat, clothes, essentials
  • kingdom of God – future hope & present reality

We are called to signpost people to that coming kingdom – by the way we live now
It’s where hearts are changed now – it’s the only kingdom you can’t get into without the kingdom getting into you
Things to know about God…

  • God will be where people least expect him to be
  • He will be doing what you least expect him to be doing
  • God needs to be expressed in every area of life

2. Learn to live with hunger

  • Hunger after righteousness
  • You cannot be passionate about Godly things if you are seeking satisfaction from earthly things 
  • Let it be well with my soul

Thank you Mal for your teaching this weekend and provoking us to think about how we can and should express our Christianity every day 

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