Been a really good couple of days at the Learning Community event, talking vision and strategies for growth. Also opportunity to hear what other churches have a real desire to build is inspirational. 

(Not sure about the 6.30am alarm call each day or the 9-5.30 schedule and the drive home from Peterborough. But glad we went). 

The process for discussion was very useful and I will pinch it for use with ministry teams within Xcel. 

Planning is great but we were reminded to always keep God in everything we do and as a systems type person this is an important reminder. 

Loved what Pastor Chris Hodges said at the end by looking at the responsibility of the Levite tribe to carry the poles, the tent and the furniture (Numbers 3:17). 

The poles represent the structure. It’s not the focal point but without it a building would fall. Same for church. 

The tent represents the systems. The how we do what we do. Everything has a system and it’s often what we interact with. 

The furniture is the spiritual. And while the tribes were given oxen and carts to help with carrying the poles and the tent, the furniture had to be carried personally. (Numbers 7:1-7)

You can delegate some stuff but not the spiritual. That’s ours to carry personally and no one else’s. It’s our responsibility. 

Excited about what can happen in Xcel as we work purposefully toward the 2020 vision. Each of us playing our part ~ connected to God, free in Christ, discovering our purpose and making a difference. 

Are you ready?

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