Being away from home can mess with the normal routine, so it was good to wake up in my own bed, spend some time praying and reading at the start of the day. 

Back in the office and getting to work. Thursday was a mixed day but mostly preparation…for Sunday, for the future, for Kerina’s birthday. 

Sunday is coming. I’m looking forward to being in Darlington, preaching a message for our new series ‘Love Ran Red’. I’m meditating on two questions ~ what happened when love ran red at the cross?’

The cross is where our humanity and God’s divinity intersect. Nothing else on the planet can satisfy us in any way like the event of Jesus Christ on the cross. 

The second question is more simple ~ what should we do in response?

As for the future, plenty to think about after our couple of days away. Now to do the work. Website. Leadership. Systems. Bangalore. Prayer. Growth. Finance. 

As for Kerina’s birthday ~ it’s a surprise. She doesn’t like them so always good for winding her up. 

Add to this some extra pick ups and drop offs for my girls and a visit to the hospital, it has been a full day. 

This has been my day. Doing my best to play my part in building the local church. What’s your day been like?

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