I wonder what helps you to focus or do you just find that really easy. I have moments of laser like purpose and then other days there just seems to be an endless amount of distractions – some genuine, others just me. 

Leaders get things done, so leaders need to know how to focus. After all, if your name is next to it, then the responsibility for seeing it finished is on you. 

Again, not always the best at this. Sometimes just knowing it needs to be done is enough but these other things help me too…

  1. Take a few minutes to write down what you have to do. 
  2. Make appointments with yourself to get them done
  3. Use ‘do not disturb’ – on the door, on the phone
  4. Hide your phone away, turn it off or give it to someone else
  5. Just work on one thing for a set period of time to get it finished or for progress to be made
  6. Go through your list and mark the things that only you can do and then look to delegate to others what they could do on your behalf. Always give clear instructions and expectations as part of that process
  7. Set some deadlines – they really help me
  8. Think about what needs to be done first – not necessarily from a speed of ease point of view but from an importance point of view
  9. Take a break. It is important to get up, walk around, close the laptop down, get some fresh air, have a drink to refresh you, go have a conversation with someone
  10. Enjoy what you do, even the parts of what we do that are less enjoyable

What would you add to this list? I would love to hear from you about how you remain focused on a task and what helps you. 

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