Saturdays are usually a day of rest and after a busy week following conference, I was looking forward to it. 

Got a later start, then up, make a cuppa, Bible & prayer and some reading. 

Today I watched The Passion of Christ with Kerina. She had never seen it but really felt as part of her prep for tomorrow that she wanted to. 

It may not be ‘exactly’ how things were that day Jesus went to the cross but evenso, it’s a very powerful reminder how easy it is to sanitise all that Jesus went through. Love truly ran red that day Jesus went to the cross. 

The rest of the day went by the usual way…

  • Don’t answer emails unless really urgent
  • Time with the family – out and about, watching a film or organising the home 
  • Final prep for Sunday 
  • Plus today involved watching the rugby, an England win, just
  • Then out with Kerina and friends to celebrate some peoples birthdays

Looking forward to Xcel in the morning, always enjoy being with my Xcel family. 

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