For the last few weeks I have not consistently been at my desk, which means I haven’t necessarily been able to focus in the way that I would like to. After all, most jobs require that you get stuff done.

One thing is for sure, there is never a shortage of jobs that need attention. The key is to make sure that I am doing things that others cannot do, but also to have an awareness, on behalf of my Lead Pastor, of what else is happening across locations and ministries.

I’ve been blessed to travel to Berlin for an Executive Team Conference, to Bangalore to spend time with Immy and help in the preparation for our location over there. Then it was Conference week for us and Influence 2016, which by the way was amazing. That was followed by last week which was a Learning Communities event, you can read about in previous posts, plus both my dad and my father-in-law were in hospital too.

So today I was at my desk, with the mother of all to-do lists, nicely colour coded to show what was for me, what was for a meeting and what could be delegated. Having said that though, 6 things remain on my desk….

Systems – looking at what are the right meetings to be taking place, team get togethers, agendas, maybe even some of the church journey for people who are part of Xcel.

Website/Communications – we lost our site earlier this year and I am hopeful that this week will see the launch of a new At to that a plan for the best way to communicate what we do each week to team and congregation.

Budgets – to organise and communicate with greater effectiveness and then monitor in the same way too.

Job Roles – on behalf of the Board, thoughts about job roles for myself, other staff, Congregational Pastors, Key Leaders and looking at possible future positions too.

Xcel Bangalore – alongside other members of the Pastoral Team, making sure Immy is equipped, encouraged and inspired with all that he needs to make this new location work.

Being able to do what I am passionate about is a privilege and I don’t take the responsibility lightly. My energies are all into playing my part in building the local church, doing whatever needs to be done. 

What’s your passion? How are you living it out every day?

One thought on “5 Things on my Desk Today

  1. As you know I am passionate about living wellin body mind and spirit and particularly inspiring others to do this too.
    I try and lead by example by exercising, eating well etc and I am living it out daily .

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