I love reading the Psalms. If I am ever feeling disheartened, frustrated, maybe even a little lost in my relationship with God, myself or others, then I read a few Psalms.

For me, Psalm 28 was not a complicated read. The beauty with most Psalms, is the simplicity of them. Most times you can understand what the writer was trying to convey without the need for great study or commentaries. Just spend a moment waiting on God and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what God wants you to receive.


I wrote this one in my own words, to capture what I felt the Psalm was saying to me…

Call on God. He is not deaf. If He was then we would be no better than those who don’t know Him. Bring your pleas to Him. Trust Him. Know that He hears us, He answers us and He helps us. When we see what He has done, we must thank Him. Know that He is the leader of our life, in all things, our strength and shield, He saves us. 

The challenge for me as Christians is to remain consistent in my relationship with God , just as He remains consistent with me. He hasn’t moved, I have. He hasn’t stopped speaking, I have stopped listening.

As I wrote yesterday about how the secular can squeeze God out, I have a renewed focus to be more deliberate in using my time wisely. If God is important then what I do should evidence that.

Why not take a moment, read Psalm 28 and then share what you think it says to you. 

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