What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me – practice these things [Philippians 4:9 ESV]

We often look for people to learn from, someone to be a mentor, a role model who lives out the kind of life we may aspire to. I want and look for these people in my life. 

Here’s the challenge. As much as I want that for myself, who would want that of me? Could I confidently say to someone, like the Apostle Paul, that they should practice the way I live?

That requires looking at my life and asking some honest questions as to whether they would learn, receive, hear and see things worth practicing. And that might be a little uncomfortable. 

Yet this is the call of God. To lay down my own life and carry the one He has for me. To surrender to Jesus, to sacrifice for Jesus and to serve Jesus. In doing this then maybe my life becomes one worth imitating, one where others can copy what they hear and see, learn and receive.

This is my prayer today. Jesus help me become the kind of person that represents You well. That others would see things in me that demonstrate the life of Christ. Amen

4 thoughts on “Who Would Copy You?

  1. I know you didn’t write with the expectation of people saying …… But you are a mentor, you are an example. However I do need to say my Bible reading has improved 100% since listening to you at Xcel. I have always read the Bible and other books but now I read with more purpose and with more regularity. I may not always read the same books! But read according to themes at church or from recommendations from yourself or others. So thank you for that huge influence over the last few years. Know I am not alone in recognising these blogs are like a daily bible study to be looked forward to.

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