Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest [Matthew 11:28]

At the intersect of the cross, between our human frailty and God’s divinity, amazing things become available to all, if only they will receive it.

We can be overwhelmed, frustrated, lacking purpose, running from stuff, the gap in our souls empty and yearning to be filled by something.

In response, we can fill life with the next best thing, the dream car, perfect job, or whatever it maybe for us, yet once we have it soon find ourselves unsatisfied once more.

One thing is for sure, nothing on this planet has ever been made that can satisfy our souls and fill that gap. Only by coming to the cross of Jesus and acknowledging the need for Gods divinity do we discover true rest, being truly satisfied.

As we approach Easter let’s take some time of reflection and be honest enough to admit whether or not life is lacking the rest that Jesus offered. Come to the cross with our human frailty and take the true rest that is ours and know the unconditional love of a Saviour who never leaves anyone who puts their trust in Him.

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