Moments of reflection today. A packed house at Xcel to say thank you for the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ. The event that changes everything, forever, if we will let it. 
Jesus embraced the cross and in doing so, completed a divine exchange. God’s unmerited favour, that clothes us in His righteousness and makes us right with God. 

He became weak, so that we become strong. 

He took the judgement we deserved so we could go free. 

He was punished for our sin so that we can be forgiven. 

Through his wounds and the stripes on his back, we are healed. 

He was made sin so that we could become the righteousness of Christ. 

He died so that we might live.

He was made poor so that we could become rich, and live the abundant life he promised us.

Jesus understands us. He recognises our pain, loneliness, isolation, hurt, injustice. He went to the cross experiencing them all. He nailed His life to the cross for me, so now I nail my life to him and will live a life that honours that sacrifice, even when it’s hard. 

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