I don’t want to die. Too much yet to be accomplished.

The bigger challenge is to make sure I truly live. Before that moment when I take my last breath, will I look back with a sense of gratitude for a life well lived or alternatively look back with too much regret.

I’m certain most people have something they wish they could ‘do over’. Surely the reason we are here though is to do more than just exist and instead, to live on purpose for a purpose.

Whatever or whoever you live for, let it be for more than just yourself. Anyone can do that. Don’t be so limited in your thinking to not consider giving your life for the purpose set by Jesus either.

For to me to live is Christ. I have chosen to nail my life to the cross of Jesus Christ. My response as I wrote about yesterday is to now be occupied by Christ. To place Him first in all things. To live my life well for Him. Unembarrassed. Unashamed. Knowing that when I do die, I am positioned to gain. It’s a win-win as far as I am concerned.

How about you?

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