At a wedding today. Always great occasions when two people share marriage vows and commit their lives to one another. 

As I listened to the vows they reminded me of Jesus’ commitment to me and in return my commitment to Him. It sounds weird put like that but I have given my life to Jesus and have entered a covenant relationship with Him, so the vows could be deemed applicable. 

With my body I honour you. I choose to not do certain things that could cause me harm, make me unfit or disqualify me from the best that this relationship with Jesus has for me. 

All that I am I give to you. Enough said. All that is me is Gods. With His unmerited favour over my life why would I not be happy to do this?

All that I have I share with you. What I have I willingly give to God. I don’t hold on too tightly to what I thinking important but am always ready to share it on His behalf. 

Within the love of God. I live with God at the centre of it all. I let His love change me from within so that I make a difference to those I meet every day. 

This is where my current thinking is stuck at the moment. To honour my God, to be occupied by Jesus and living the full life He has for me. How about you?

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