The last few weeks have had me focusing on the cross, what it represents and how I should respond to it with my life.

God has definitely been on my case, challenging me to be honest and to be willing to answer the question about myself and my walk with Him. How am I doing? How am I ‘really’ doing?

When I’m asked that by others I might just say ‘fine’. None of us are particularly great at being completely honest with others. Yet God knows what’s happening with us.

When God asked Adam where he was in the garden, He wasn’t asking it because He didn’t know where he was.  It was more an opportunity to be honest.

The same would be true for us. If God asked how we were doing, He’s not asking to be told by us that we are fine, He knows what we need and exactly how we are doing. I think He just wants us to be open and vulnerable enough to answer in complete truth. When I can do that, I position myself better for God to work IN me and THROUGH me

So how would we answer? And how willing are we to let God shine the light of His presence on our lives and reveal where change may be needed?


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