As much as we are all very different – maybe in our tastes, habits, values, what we enjoy doing etc – the bond we have as family is very strong. 

This week we have spent time in some ‘interesting’ lodges near Derby, not for ourselves but for our dad. He isn’t as spritely as he used to be, however he has loved being around his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren for the week. He even managed to score over 80 at tenpin bowling today. 

Like I mentioned at the start of the week – times like these remind me that family is important. 

I am thankful for my natural family. I know that not everyone can say that. I am grateful for my upbringing and the values my parents instilled in me and those I caught from them too. 

I am also thankful to be part of Gods family. A place where that same kind of support, encouragement, love and appreciation can be found. Add to that the prayers I know people say on my behalf – I am very blessed.

Despite our differences our core values and believes bring us together, for our God and for one another.

How is your family important to you? Both natural and spiritual?

One thought on “Family is Important

  1. Love your family comments this week Also been in a lodge with the Leeds contingent of the family and near the Scottish clan. Great to see 12 and 7 year old cousins getting together rather noisily at times !! One week probably enough for us oldies at least but precious time spent together. Another generation coming along doing similar stuff ie Cluedo and Uno round the dining table. All hotly contested. Praise God we seem to have brought up a lovely family. Now we all go back to our own worlds until the next get together. Sad but the way it should be.

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