The voice of the Lord is powerful [Psalm 29:4] 

We use our own voices for many things. To speak, to shout, to comment, to sing, to thank, to criticise, to question, to argue, to honour. Some do these with great precision and care, while others just make a noise.

We may even use our voice to ascribe to the Lord the glory, honour and worship that He deserves, yet the Lords voice holds greater power.

In Psalm 29 the LORD is who it’s all about. What we should do for Him but also an insight into how the Lords voice makes a difference. 

It is over many waters. It has no limits. Its reach is beyond the natural and can be heard across all of creation and across all of time. It’s influence is seen in everything. 

It is powerful. It is the ultimate voice, not bossy and demanding but speaking with wisdom and authority.

It is full. I imagine the deep resonating majesty of His voice across all that is His. It booms. It is loud. It is majestic. It draws me in as I listen to what He is saying.

It breaks. His voice cuts through to the heart. It brings nations and kings to their knees. I am overwhelmed when I hear the voice of the Lord.

It flashes. With authority and anointing, the voice the Lord brings forth the glory of the Lord. It is in His presence that I hear Him speak more clearly.

It shakes. Changing me, my life and my future. Transforming the barren wilderness into a life-flowing river.

It makes. It’s easy to be quick to kill off through harsh words and criticism. The voice of the Lord speak things into being. It creates and brings forth the new.

Reflection: As I walk with God does how I speak reflect these characteristics of God? As His voice-piece do I speak the same way? 
I am not God but I can speak to bring influence,to bring life, to help see life transformation, and that others might experience His presence. 

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